L & J Trike Engineering Corp.

We not only ride trikes, we build them

Dan Warner's Trike

68 Corvette Trike

Built in 2005 and was orginally pearl red with silver and black flames and had the yamaha front end on it then. It was built in Deland Florida, then ended up in Kansas,  Missouri, California, Colorado then after a new paint job, new motor, new everything except wheels and seat which was done couple of months ago. It is now back here in Florida about forty miles ( 40 ) from where she was first built. She has a porsche disc brakes on the rear and the new motor is a built 1600cc duelport and is pretty reliable and quick.


Douglas Kustom Trike

Doug is known for his quality of work, and his attention to detail in building the best.

Motor size: 2054 cc Stroker

With special configured trany gearing





Note From Doug;

This trike is designed to be a true chopper trike design...low and long..thus no wheelie bar required ( You can actually make the rear tires chirp without the front wheel coming off the ground ). The reverse springer is fabricated with schedule 80, 1/5/8" OD pipe heavy, on purpose. I wanted to be different as I hadn't seen any real full reverse springers...this one is really smooth riding and handles very well. I designed in cutting brakes as well to enhance the cornering even more....a cool feature that's more fun than function....but functional for sure. The cruse control is true automotive type ( Not a throttle lock like most bikers use ) it will disengage with a brake pedal touch or clutch as well as switch turn off. The shinny on the trike is most all polished stainless steel ( lower rails, sissy bar, handle bars, luggage racks, springer rods, rear bumper, some engine parts, even the 18" front big truck horn ). As you can probably tell from the photos, most parts of this machine were fabricate and machined by me....this is a true custom machine. ( No CNC stuff, No design it and some else fabricates it stuff ), from design to paint to metal work, wiring, exhaust, many engine parts, lights housings, powder coating...ect. I take a little over a year to design, fabricate and assemble and finish each machine. I build each one for me, thus I enjoy full freedom of design and performance. When they are done I make them available for sale...if they sell Good!..If they don't....Good! This trike's engine has a 74mm counterweighted striker crank, 94 mm pistons, large valve heads, performance cam, electronic centrifugal ignition and distributor,, lighten 8 dowel flywheel, dual 40mm carbs (specially jetted for this engine ), electronic fuel pump with fuel pressure regulator, spun aluminum 7 gallon fuel tank, rebuilt 4 speed, (with reverse) transaxle. The seat is a Corbin custom Chopper seat. The meter in the front gas tank shell is an electronic Speedometer, Tach, Trip meter, Clock, Gen, Oil and blinker indicator ect. The Driving lights are 55 watt quarts halogens. The head light is billet aluminum. The "Spiked" theme is evident through out the trike. The rear panels under the side luggage racks are removable with one hand tightened knob, reviling the battery and fuse panel on the right side and a storage compartment on the other. The trike has a special theft deterrent system designed just for this machine. The main body is all stell construction, with rear triangulation bracing, additional bottom ( 1x2x1/8") rail frames ect....this is a rigid, tight solid machine....NO RATTLES here!





Price $ 20,000 Sold

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